The first part of my bucket list got me thinking I need to add more:

  1. Do the high ropes challenge course at Washington State University Recreation.  DONE!  ( :
  2. Do the low ropes challenge course at Washington State University Recreation.  DONE!  ( :
  3. Drive a Corvette.
  4. Drive a Camaro.
  5. Drive a Challenger.
  6. Drive various Lexus – SUV & sporty sedans.  DONE!  ( :
  7. Run track events at the Eastern Washington Senior Games.  Skipped for 2012 to do #1 & #2 above.
  8. Run a marathon.  Perhaps in Portland in 2013?
  9. Write a short book about the fun events of my life, like large family gatherings, adventures, love affairs, being child-like, meditation, etc.
  10. Assemble some of my best photographs; use to enhance and inspire the book!
  11. Fly in a helicopter.
  12. Sail across a lake and back.
  13. Complete a mini triathlon.
  14. Visit Washington, DC.
  15. Love unconditionally, consistently.  Getting there!
  16. Find a hackysack practice group to refine skills.
  17. Get rid of half of my stuff; find freedom of spirit!
  18. Fear nothing, freeing me to be fully present.  Getting there!
  19. Be the best version of me that I can.  Working on it!
  20. Run one mile in under six minutes.
  21. Hike on Mount Rainier.
  22. Fly around Denali.
  23. Pray for anyone whom I find resentment for.  As I go – this is freedom!  ( :
  24. Travel to South America.
  25. Travel to Europe.
  26. Travel to Australia.
  27. Travel to Asia.
  28. Drive a Scion FR-S.  DONE!  (
  29. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail.
  30. Help!  ( :