I am so impressed by the amazing athletes I’ve watched at our United States Olympic Trials!  It seems like a celebration of wellness.  I’ve seen a lot of swimming and some track and field and gymnastics.  The athleticism, focus and clutch performances are captivating.  I must admit that I’ve hoped the most for Natalie Coughlin, Dara Torres and Anthony Ervin.  It’s cool to see the older athletes do so well.  They help motivate me to take care of my body.  Janet Evans  interviewed with heart-warming class, maturity and gratitude.  She made my heart smile!

To have the Tour de France and Wimbledon happening at the same time creates an abundance of elite athletes available to watch.  This always gets me pumped up!  I jumped on my new bicycle and had a great time meandering along some of my favorite paths.  I pedaled to Bennington Lake and toured as many single track trails as I could, including the Lakeside Trail, the Weed Patch and the Enchanted Forest.  I crossed Mill Creek near the dam and passed Rooks Park, en route to the Five Mile loop.  The sun was warm, but my body was nearly bare and my water was icy.  I felt free, invigorated, inspired and fully alive!  I climbed the big hill and flew down the other side, noticing more strength in my legs.  Nearing home, I zoomed around the Provenance loop, arriving home in just under 89 minutes.  I was primed for cool drinks and more chores!  Nick helped me kill some weeds and I barbecued a tasty dinner.  I watched a bunch of the Olympic Trials, including the awesome gymnasts.  What great examples of balance and being centered!  ( :