Tell me it isn’t so!  Tell me that blogging is not harmful to my health!

Is there a little devil sitting on my right shoulder?  How can the right side of my body be wearing out faster than the left side?  My right ankle, elbow, index finger and wrist are in distress.  It seems the list is getting longer, instead of shorter!  Is blogging, in addition to daytime computer work, wearing me out?  Yikes!  Could it be therapeutic to my emotional health and yet detracting from my physical health?  Am I still in search of balance?  My plan is to switch back to a regular mouse, instead of this mouse pad.  I’m hoping for an orthopedic doctor’s recommendations on how to rehabilitate my elbow, wrist and finger.  I’m also going to pray a lot!  To the extent that my body allows me to lift weights, my new emphasis will be on lighter weights with more repetitions, stretching and building core strength.

Yesterday I visited Saager’s Shoe Shop, a lovely store with excellent service and quality footwear.  It was such a pleasant reminder of the special feeling that great customer service and friendliness bring.  Saager’s has thrived despite a quiet site and the rise of mega-stores, because they make people happy and sell them great products.  I purchased Vibram Five Fingers KSO TrekSport shoes.  They are part of my strategy to become more centered, balanced and in touch with my body.  My hope is healing, injury avoidance and well-being.  Perhaps I will learn how to train without inflicting injuries on myself.  I am sold on the belief that when running barefoot, we naturally run in a way that minimizes shock throughout our bodies, including ankles, knees and hips.  We land softly on our mid foot, instead of the pounding inflicted by heel striking.  So the trend towards minimalist running shoes seems intuitively sound.  I’m hoping to re-train myself to walk and run in a balanced, centered and efficient way, easing the stress on my body.  I’ll mix in wearing the Five Fingers shoes, starting with walking, to build strength and balance in my feet.  I hope it works!