Fore!  Watch out duffers, here I come!  Today is the annual golf scramble associated with my employer.  I helped run it for years, and later played on the winning team for two years in a row.  The ego-feeding parts of those stories were the clutch putts I hit in the tie-breaking “putt-offs” to win the title for my teams.  If you’ve golfed, you know that the game is effective at keeping big egos in check! 

I had dreams of magnificent shots last night, including a hole-in-one.  So far, I’ve yet to stroke a real-life hole-in-one, though I almost flew one into the hole in my youth.  I’ve had a few aces at virtual golf.  Back to real life:  I haven’t even seen someone else ace a hole, other than on television.  I’m excited that my doctor gave me the go-ahead to play,  just two days ago.  I didn’t sign up with a team, thinking I had to rest my elbow and finger.  Rumor has it that there is a team I can slip in with.  Is this a chance to build new friendships?  What can I learn from my new teammates?  What can I share with them?  Will I play within myself, fostering a consistent and controlled swing, with good tempo?  Will I find an effective level of muscle relaxation, focus, clarity and touch?  Will I be less attached to outcomes, to let it all happen as it might?  Will I help my ball on its journey to its home, the hole?  If I do the things to play well, will it “rub off” on my teammates?  I can’t wait to find out!

If the title of this post had you thinking about things other than golf, try calling 1-888-GET-HELP.  ( :