Do the smallish events in your life seem to parallel bigger life lessons?

It’s a lovely summer and I felt like taking a run.  Friday night!  For me, time for endorphins, not happy hour!  What could be better?  So I laced ’em up and headed out!  It was beautiful running weather:  a storm system was moving in, cooling the air and dropping a light, refreshing rain.  How sweet! 

The run felt good and my pace was fast.  But my right ankle became sore again.  It felt wise to stop running after 4.5 miles, leaving me about 1.8 miles from home.  My ankle pain eased as I walked, but the rain accelerated as the wind picked up.  I had only a cotton shirt, so despite walking steadily, I cooled rapidly.  My fingers became quite cold.  I could have carried a rain jacket.  Or taken a synthetic shirt.  Or stayed closer to home.  But my heart drew me into the unknown adventure.  I survived.  The warm house and bath felt good!

There’s a thought that simmers in my mind:  thank you Lord, for everything!