A cool stream meandered through my brain just now.  Now I feel the shocking cold of an alpine lake plunge.  Ahhh….  One relaxed me, the other invigorated me.  Both offered summer delights to my imagination, as I feel the heat coming on.  Perhaps the warm, overcast night was a trigger.  No cold, relaxing air to sleep with.  Such is life! 

I just remembered an amazing dream excerpt from last night.  I walked past a yard with amazing blossoms everywhere.  All of the plants were in bloom at the same time!  Many seemed to be five foot high versions of flowers that typically grow to a foot or so.  It was surreal, yet magnificent!  Was this my spirit’s way of acknowledging the grandeur of life?  I loved that yard!  It gave me an incredible urge to meet the people who lived there.  I think I wanted to tap into their blossoming abilities!

It seems to me that all of life oozes with blessings, just waiting to be appreciated.  What do we get to learn today?  How to best spend this irrefutably lovely day?  What activities will leave us glowing at day’s end?  Which are wheel spinners?  Which detract from our wellness?  Are we well enough to consciously choose what is best?  Do we have the faith and willingness to stick to those good choices?  Perhaps spiritual wellness is somewhat complicated, yet simple.  Maybe it costs us dedication, yet is free for the taking.  Is it not true that we all have access, despite different crosses?

I hope your day is filled with smiles and blossoms!