I used to despise the word “whatever.”  Often used by disrespectful teenagers, hearing it seemed to grant me permission to lose my cool.  Now it’s like a mantra to me, with a very different meaning.  Being ready for whatever might happen is good for me.  It frees me from pain that results from unfulfilled expectancy.   It leaves me ready to change plans, on the fly, without losing time or energy to disappointment, dismay or despair.  It makes now a good time to be fully alive, enjoying whatever is happening much more, while forgetting about what is not.  This feels really good to me, and blesses my days with more satisfaction.  I believe it blesses others with less pressure from me and the company of a better version of me.  They need not worry about whether I’ll be disappointed by their choices or not.  Their choices are totally up to them.  I get to choose for me.  I choose optimism, fun, adventure, learning, laughing, dancing, playing and growing.  I’m a very lucky man!  ( :