I believe that adaptability is an excellent trait.  Things happen.  How do we respond?  Do seemingly negative events cause tailspins?  Or creative solutions to find the best use of our time and opportunities?  Are we mortals qualified to judge “good” and “bad” events in our lives?  Are most “bad” events really just “opportunities” mislabeled?  I’ve judged events to be “bad” that turned out, in retrospect, to be some of my best lessons.  I may not have been able to learn these important lessons in any other way.  Can I live fully in today, without wondering too much about what’s coming tomorrow?  I hope so! 

Nick didn’t want to go bicycling with me this evening.  So I went with God.  The sun warmed my skin as I prayer pedaled.  I could smell the wheat growing as I toured the scenic country roads.  My legs were tired from weight lifting yesterday, which was just fine.  More time to meditate! 

I did leg weights yesterday because my elbow is hurting.  Should I whine, get lazy or learn how to rehabilitate it and cross-train with other activities?  Perhaps the answer is obvious, but it wasn’t always clear to me.  It’s really good for me to see the answered prayers in my life!

I have now avoided compulsive, emotional eating for nine days in a row.  For me, it’s a big deal.  I’m excited to see where my life will go, as I surrender all of my compulsions and open myself to growth and discovery.  It seems it’s helping my confidence and contentment.  Yay God!  ( :

Blessings to you!