RAZR X Black Irons

These clubs are amazing!  I hit the seven iron way higher than I am used to, as well as farther.  Never mind that the distance gain is because of  Callaway lowering the loft by one degree.  Let’s just say I’m hitting it higher and farther!  Yay!  I tried Ping and the other major brands, but these clubs just felt better and performed better.  Perhaps they got more of my better swings, but I think they’re going to be fun!  I purchased a set of 5-iron through utility wedge so far, plus a 4 hybrid.  I hear the Cleveland loft wedges are amazing, so I’m considering adding a couple of those, plus a fairway “wood” made of metal, or two.  Maybe even a new driver and putter and bag.  I also got the first golf shoes I’ve had in over three decades:  Nike widened their toe box, so they fit nicely.  Now I’ve removed more of my excuses.  It’s time to play!  ( :

PS – If I could find a vehicle that excited me as much as these golf clubs and the Kona Hei Hei 29 Deluxe bicycle, I’d buy it!