Thank you for this life!  Thank you for this incredibly useful body.  Thank you for amazing love and amazing lovers.  Thank you for children, sunshine, smiles, tender words.  Thank you for nourishing food, comfortable beds, warm showers, supportive people and growth opportunities.  Thank you for automobiles, bicycles, skiis, snowshoes, boots, clothes, hackysacks, chairs, tables, medicine and second chances.  Thanks for mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans, clouds, stars and the moon.  Thank you for sleep, healing, faith, hope and trust.  Where would I be without water, dirt and nutrients?  I greatly appreciate the kisses, hugs and laughter.  Thank you for kindness, generosity, forgiveness and understanding.  Thank you for gratitude, willingness, open-mindedness and honesty.  Thank you for grace!  Thanks for policemen, firemen, teachers, doctors, nurses, waitresses, cooks, masseurs, psychotherapists, housekeepers and all other servants.  Thank you for my job.  Thanks for compassion, shelter, vacations, indoor toilets, camaraderie, unconditional love, pain, joy, struggles, challenges, intimacy, isolation, sobriety, freedom, endorphins, strength, high-definition three-dimensional television, golf clubs and everything else I’ve forgotten to mention.  THANK YOU!!!  Now I feel like smiling and skipping!  Maybe I’ll go hit some golf balls……  May your days be filled with awareness, gratitude and love!  ( :