I wonder how much we’re like our ancient ancestors?  Did they like to barbecue?  The steaks I’m cooking look and smell pretty good!  What would cave man think?  He might think the cat in my jungle is a bit mild.  Tali, the orange Tabby, doesn’t quite intimidate like a cougar.  She wouldn’t eat my steak if I offered it to her!  Could the cave clan cook figure out how to use the grill?  He/she had a smaller brain, but I’m reportedly not using all that many of my brain cells, so maybe I’d learn a thing or two.  Did they sleep on dirt or branches?  My soft bed has me pretty spoiled!  Did Mr. Cave stink badly?  Maybe Mrs. Cave smelled just as bad?  Rib or rump steaks?  Who could be picky?  The salad might have been a bit lean.  What’s for dinner?  Steak and steak?  Again?  Why can’t we have fish?

I spent over an hour lifting weights and 45 minutes running last evening, trying to counteract sitting at my desk all day.  Did cave man get to throw spears, chase game, eat barbecue, sun bathe and chase cave woman around?  Today I spent half an hour mowing the lawn and a bit more doing laundry.  Would cave man laugh out loud at me?  Would he envy my high-definition three-dimensional television?  Might I envy his high-definition three-dimensional landscape?  Would he prefer texting and blogging over watching sunsets?

Is anyones grass ever really any greener?  Is the lens we use to view the grass the real issue?  Please pass the steak!  ( :