Thank you Bullu!  This makes my day, because that is exactly my hope for my life:  to inspire others!  So to think that I have done so makes my heart smile!  Yay!  Bullu has inspired a real yearning in me to experience tea in England.  The food looks and sounds amazing!

I have found much inspiration in many of the blogs I’ve read!  Thank you to all of you!  At the risk of omission, I’ll still list a few here:

Fitnessaficionada – aka Super Peach and Annie.  Annie is my daughter and adventure mate.  Her blog inspires me to exercise, eat healthy foods, cook new recipes and experience adventures, like writing this blog.  Being a father to Annie and her brother Nicholas is the most amazing thing that’s happened to me so far.  Annie, let’s hit the adventure trail!

Cauldrons and Cupcakes – Nicole delivers a consistent stream of spiritual truths and a beautiful approach to life.  I look forward to reading her blog at every opportunity.  She absolutely helps me become a better version of myself.  Blessings to you Nicole!

Bucket List Publications – Lesley’s publication is based on living life fully, embracing and creating the amazing opportunities we have.  She lives her life that way and inspires me to add danger, variety and more adventure to my life, enriching it for me and for others.  Thanks Lesley!

sherrylcook – Sherry is wise and full of great perspective.  I always enjoy her writings.  Thanks for brightening my life Sherry!

Random facts about me:

  1. I grew up on a small farm in eastern Washington, enjoying nine siblings. 
  2. I am passionate about play.
  3. I am very competitive, but I am a good loser.  I love the challenge of competition.
  4. My day job is in finance and accounting, until I have enough money to focus on the bucket list!  ( :
  5. I believe in lasting love.  My heart is willing.
  6. My son Nicholas and I once melded a double family and a double pinochle in one hand.
  7. I was a nationally certified official for USA Swimming and observed multiple world records while serving at high level meets.

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