What a wonderful tradition!  Honoring women who have given of yourselves, so that we might have life.  You’ve sacrificed so much, showing amazing love.  Many of my best lessons in love blossomed from observing mothers in action.  I feel God’s love in your smiles, caresses, soothing voices, tender hearts and dedication.  You lovely women make my experience in this world a series of marvels and joys.  You bless me with hope and you soften my soul.  You help me see that in a spiritual sense, so much is well.  You challenge me to embrace your goodness; how can I learn from you to be a better me?  In essence, I believe you find the grace to put others ahead of yourselves.  God’s definition of love.  Self-actualization in the best sense I can find.  You’ve arrived!  You are wonderful teachers for me.  Thank you! 

Thank you Mom, for accepting God’s love into your heart, sharing it with us, and living it consistently.  You are God’s masterpiece!  I love you forever! 

Lucky #8 of 11