Well, do you?  I do!  Not on drugs though.  Drug highs, including alcohol, were short-lived phenomenons.  Early highs on some drugs were fun, carefree and seemingly mind-opening escapes from fears, pressures, depression or boredom.  I’m here to tell you emphatically, the fun fades!  Then escape turns into addiction, an ugly world of dullness, oppression, hopelessness, anger, depression and fears.  Yuck!

I love natural highs!  Sex, running, back-country hiking/skiing/bicycling, kayaking, listening to music, writing, meditating, loving, talking and serving are some of the ways I like to get high now.  It’s fun!

I love the physical, mental and emotional benefits that activities like these bring to me.  Sometimes music engulfs me and inspires me, hopefully even helping to transform me into a better version of me.  It can be psychotherapeutic, helping me to understand and recover from emotional traumas.  Open up, country music bashers!  ( :  I listen to a lot of faith-based music now, because its spiritual focus lifts me up, inspiring me to become a better servant.  I love to dance!  Dance music offers inspiration and fun exercise.  How’s that for a win-win solution?

Sex is God’s way of bonding couples in a magical way.  My best shot at describing it is indescribably delicious!  Life has taught and re-taught me a lesson I hope to take to heart:  sex bonds people like nothing else, so be careful with whom you bond!

Escaping the busyness and noise of modern life is essential for my health.  Meditation is like taking a healthy trip without leaving home!  Back-country excursions can be extended meditation retreats.  Pouring refreshment into our souls fills us up enough to return to our modern lives.  Much of what we call progress might be better spelled regress.  ( :

Some adventures join several of our favorite things, so we appreciate them immensely.  Will Bloomsday 2012 be like that for me?  Will the energy of the crowd, the music of the bands,  encouraging fellow runners and extreme physical exertion lead to memorable highs?  We’ll find out soon!  Yay!

Annie & Frank. Bloomsday buddies!

Frank’s been getting high again….. ( :

After galloping down the beach!   ( :