I don’t rhyme all the time.  Were it true, I’d be screwed!  Massage felt great, so I made a date.  Grabbed my shoes, set out to cruise.  Wondered how far I should go?  Soon enough, I would know.  Absent pains at the start; could this be the best part?  Energy levels rose up high, majestic birds were in the sky.  Striding long felt so good, like I always thought it should!  No nagging pain, no threat of rain.  Second wind lifted me up high; I almost felt like I could fly!  Natural highs feel so sweet!  God, this life is such a treat!

PS – The ice bath afterwards was SO COLD!!!  I let my body cool down too much first, doing chores and such, so I was shivering in the bath.  Now THOSE were fervent prayers!!!  Now I may start to taper off for Bloomsday on Sunday…..