It was nearly noon today, sunny and sixty-some degrees fahrenheit.  One week until Bloomsday 2012, a twelve kilometer, or 7.46 mile, footrace.  One week since the WSU 100k Relay.  Two days ago I pulled up lame after two miles, cramping in my right calf.  It was so bad that my walk was more like a limp; it seemed to result from the race last Sunday.  My prayers from Friday were answered, as the cramping was relieved by yesterday morning.  As I ran today, I felt the same muscle start to tighten, so I focused on relaxing it and breathing deeply.  I am often amazed at how effective this can be, including today.  So I ran the entire loop I’d planned, about 6.3 miles.  I was slower than normal, but I finished in an hour and three seconds.  I just knew that the rest of my day would go well.  I had done my mental health therapy!  I did have aches in my legs, however.  Especially in my left foot and my right ankle and calf.  I needed to help my muscles recover as quickly as possible.  Good protein for sure, but I needed an extra edge:  an ice bath!

The ice cubes were melted.  I hopped in, knowing that delay would torture my mind.  Recent cold baths caused me to scream loudly.  This time I couldn’t.  The chill simply took my breath away.  It also led me to prayer:  Lord, help me survive this!  It was really cold!  It also took away the aches and pains.  Yay!

So I’m posting this at the risk of losing the only edge I may have on the youngsters I’ll be racing.  Their muscles recover more quickly, however, and they might be afraid of cold water.  Maybe I’ll be struck with an incredible surge of energy at Bloomsday!  If so, it’ll likely be a result of Annie’s pasta!  ( :