Washington State Cougars athletic logo

Washington State Cougars athletic logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cheering for the Washington State University Cougars is an experience like nothing else in my life.  I wouldn’t trade it!  Watching crimson clad warriors puts a spring in my step, belief in my heart and pride in my voice.  Sure, we’ve taken the underdog label to the extreme, but our tastes of success have included sweet apples, fragrant roses and San Diego sunshine!  Mike Leach brings us right back to the feeling of 2003; we’re the mighty Cougars again, expecting victory!  All Cougar fans have wandered in the desert of losses; those of us who’ve been around for a while have been there multiple times.  It yields perspective, that wondrous result of pain, that opens the door for the sweetest successes.  Go Cougs!!!