Yippee!!!  I’m getting excited about Bloomsday 2012!  Fifty thousand people rendezvous for health.  Plenty of people to race!  The energy of the crowd is indescribable.  Pre-game jitters multiplied by thousands and thousands.  Anxiety about surviving the first mile without getting tripped, run over or stepped on.  Doomsday dread.  Okay I said it.  I dread that fricking hill!  It’s not just a big, steep hill.  It comes after miles of racing, including another challenging hill.  It’s ominous.  It blasts into view, nature’s blatant attempt to psych us out.  How deep does our determination run?  Are we ready for the mind games?  Is it really bad to walk a little?  Does that make me a wimp?  Is it not actually healthier for me to walk, avoiding dangerous health complications?  It’s okay to walk, it’s only a run for fun.  Don’t worry, you’re still one of the healthier people, just being out here.  It feels too hard to keep running; I should walk.  I can’t breathe!  I can’t get enough air!  It’s too hot!  My ankle/foot/knee/hip/calf/quad/hamstring/glut/toe hurts!  Yeah right.  Annie, I’m coming for you!  This is a challenge of the wills!  May the best runner win!!!