Do you love adventure?  I do!  I like trying new things.  Like tastes.  Food is so fun!  We all need it.  I like variety; I feel blessed to have such wide tastes in food.  I’m always happy with any restaurant choice!  At least my taste buds are happy.  Obviously, my health fares better at some places than others!

Experiences make life so rich!  I haven’t even tried skydiving yet.  Should it be at the top of my bucket list?  To be honest, I don’t know where my list is.  But I found my approach to life:  it’s generally open to new thoughts, new approaches and fresh experiences.  Willingness to try new things has saved me from the depths of desperate addictions.  It also invites sweet memories that infuse my soul with joy, inspiration and more willingness!  Then I can try more new things, making more wonderful memories, gaining more willingness and blossoming! 

I can become a better version of myself when my mind is open to new ideas.  You mean I’m not always right?  Correct!  Or is that incorrect?  There are many ways to learn to do things better, and I may be aware of darn few of them.  Reading, listening, considering and experimenting are pathways to growth.  Talking (and this typing!) simply express what I already think I know, right or wrong.  Listening is the door to expansion and connection.  Trust me, I’m reminding me of this as much as I’m suggesting it to you.  Whether my writing  benefits others or not, I feel that it is helping me, by cementing truths.  If it helps you, it’s a double bonus!  ( :