Wow!  I sometimes think and act like I am so important!  I am the center of my universe.  My thoughts are so wonderful.  How can I get others to notice?  What I want to happen is what needs to happen.  Why doesn’t it?  I’m pretty smart, handsome, funny……  Whoa!!!  That’s a slippery slope to discontent (even IF some of it is true, lol!).  Why do people cut me off in traffic?  Might they share my affliction?  How do I feel when I cut others off?  How do I feel when I patiently yield their right of way?  Am I truly the center of the universe, or simply one among many?  Where does focusing too much on my desires and the inevitable disappointments lead me to spiritually?  How about when I focus on contributing to the well-being of others?  Smiles?  Helping hands?  Flowers, meals, chores, treats, encouragement, humor, empathy and sympathy?  If I can get over me, maybe I’ll be good for you?