Whacking little balls with long sticks into tiny, faraway holes is not the easiest thing to do.  Apparently we enjoy challenge!  The lure runs even deeper: fresh air, majestic settings, timeless perspective.  What great opportunities to face our egos!  Humility may grow as double bogeys awaken us.   Wanting something too badly can make it unattainable (thanks to Deepak Chopra’s book entitled “Golf for Enlightenment”).  Staying within my natural gifts, by controlling the pace and length of my swing, has led to the purest stroking and best scores of my life.  Overswinging, a direct product of ego, has delivered horrendous results.  These can shatter confidence, divert focus and destroy succeeding shots.  It’s a vicious circle of decay!  It’s a commentary on life!  Stroke well!  ( :