I observed myself in the mirror after my lengthy workout today and saw the makings of a six-pack!  Are the months of hard training paying off?  Wait a minute.  I guess it’s really my aging eyes hallucinating on fat rolls.  Oh well!

I know this devotion to exercise must be making me stronger.  It has to!  But it feels more like a sore right elbow, painful left foot and aching right ankle.  Is this how it’s supposed to feel?  Frankly, I was hoping for something a little more joyous!

One of the main reasons I work out regularly is for my mental health.  It’s working!  It ‘s a damn good thing too.  Otherwise, would heavy sweating, labored breathing, aching muscles and a pervasive stench of sweat be considered a good time?

I’m afraid to miss my workouts.  I know how easy it has been in the past to slip back into less activity.  Physical health lessens.  Mental health slips away.  Pizzas replace push ups.  Chocolate substitutes for endorphins.  Rationalization reigns.  NO!  I don’t want THAT again.  So I’ll err on the side of overactivity.  I’ll keep time for God, before everything else, but the deep cleaning can wait.  It’ll just get dirty again!!!