I think Nick’s right:  Ninjas would make great hackysackers!  We hacked about half an hour in the sun yesterday, and the magic is coming back for us.  Yay!  We’ve had a winter layoff, so we needed remedial training, but it won’t take long.  Our creativity is there.  I could use more flexibility and quickness, but I’m grateful to be hacking at all!  Healthy body parts are delightful gifts we should never take for granted.  Foot and ankle trials of late have reinforced this for me.  Bold attempts at innovative shots tossed us into comedic stumbles, flops and lunges.  Never give up on a play!  Often, tardy attempts at new maneuvers expand our arsenal.  Muscle memory builds new shots via practice, willingness and perseverance.  It’s parallel to life!  Sack hacking is fun, creative and therapeutic!

Some hockey players are amazing!  I watched my third Tri-City Americans game last evening, and they were quite impressive.  The Americans ramped up their level of play in the third period to dominate the Spokane Chiefs.  Right now, however, I’m watching the Vancouver Canucks and the Los Angeles Kings, and the NHL players are absolutely incredible! The speed and grace of their skating and their puck handling skills are awesome to watch!  I’m not sure whether they’re way better than the players of thirty years ago, but big screen HD television brings the action alive!

I’m sore from weight lifting and running.  I hope that it’s mostly “good” sore, where I’ll come back stronger and better, ready for more adventures in sport!  ( :