What a blessing it is to face up to the ugly truths about myself.  I mean, it’s typically painful as hell at first, so I understand why it’s so common to stay in denial, or to settle for being a lesser version of one’s self.  About so many aspects of our lives!  There is a better way!  There is hope!  We can become increasingly better versions of ourselves!  It really is true!

Addiction ( including drugs, alcohol, nicotine, food, sex, etc.) and obsession turn free people into slaves.  Trust me, I have first-hand and second-hand knowledge.  There is a better life!  It’s SO awesome to break the chains of addiction and self-will!  It frees us to be childlike again: running, dancing, playing, learning, improving and maturing.  Instead of using, abusing, blaming, whining and settling.

Another wonderful benefit of continuing recovery is the ability to uncover and admit to the motives that lead to our actions.  Are we doing things to help others, or for selfish reasons?  Ironically, to truly be a better version of me, one who can really help others, I must focus on me at first.  What past experiences have colored my thinking in ways that hold me back?  What discourages me from trusting others?  Where have I learned to blame, and not face truths about me?  What things have limited my beliefs in how I can grow, achieve and expand?

Quite often, when I complain about a character defect in someone else, I am revealing MY character defect.  I can see clearly in others  the very things I dislike about myself.  “You’re selfish!” speaks clearly of my selfishness.  Gaining the honesty to admit to this basic truth opens the door to the personal growth that can lead to maturity.  This is the road to self-improvement.  To become better versions of ourselves, we must get to really know ourselves.  We are not so different.  Facing our humanity can foster compassion, cooperation, love, acceptance and serenity.  We can do together what one of us can not do alone.  We can learn that serving others graces us with the happiness that we’ve searched for all along.  Yay!  ( :