I love you forever!  I hope you have kids of your own someday, so you can experience life more fully, in ways that I’ve been blessed with.  I want you to know that being your father has been a great privilege.  Surely it’s been exasperating as well, but I am grateful for you in ways that you’ll understand only when you have kids of your own.  I am grateful for my loving parents to a degree that I wouldn’t have reached without the blessings of your character defects and your mistakes.  You’ve shown me how tolerant others, including you, have been of my failings!  You’re helped me become a better version of me.  Thanks for all the amazing laughs, especially when we could laugh uncontrollably at ourselves!  Thanks for the adventures, including hackysack, running, basketball, swimming, alpine skiing, sledding, nordic skiing, water skiing, tubing, football, soccer, baseball, tennis, ballet, target shooting, ice skating, hiking, bicycling, yoga, weight-lifting and more.  Thanks for the backrubs and the loving talks.  Thanks for loving me despite my shortcomings.  I dreamed of being a Daddy since I was very young, and it’s been a most amazing gift.  I feel a bond with you that nothing can break.  I enjoy your company and I am so happy about the many great choices you’ve made in living your lives.  I hope you continue to do what you know is right, even when it’s not popular.  I pray you continue to avoid the tragic addictions that befall so many of us.  If you seize life’s opportunities with gusto and commitment, you will avoid regrets and enjoy incredible experiences!  Life presents amazing gifts.  Approaching life with optimism and gratitude will magnify this reality.  Dream big, love constantly, serve continually and smile regularly.  Laugh at every opportunity and dance as much as you can.  Encourage creativity,  build on good ideas, see the beautiful aspects of each person you meet and tell them what you love about them.  Make your world better by empowering others and making their world better, every chance you get.  May God continue to bless you!  I love you forever!  Dad