Love is amazing, captivating, engulfing.  It can swallow me up.  It can leave me beaming.  It never leaves me discontent.  It is the highest of highs, the warmest feeling of all.  I crave it, but giving it is my only hope of getting it back.  It is not conditional.  It is God’s finest.  I feel so grateful to have given it and to have received it.  When I’ve been greedy for it, I’ve scared it away.  That is, when I wanted incoming love, I forgot to give outgoing love.  So I got not.  Then I missed it even more, and got lost in self-pity.  Again, no outgoing love, less incoming love.  This may be God’s great plan to teach me about the inadvisability of selfishness.  I have to get over me to become the best me.  Then people can love me if they want.  What matters most to my well-being is that I love them as best I can.  No matter what they’ve done or haven’t done.  Just love them!  It’ll do them good.  It’ll do me good.  Good karma will result.  It’s a win-win situation.  Really.  How can you beat that?