Reality:  I won’t get a “perfect” vehicle designed and produced, as I’m not on any Forbes lists.  Let’s try a process of elimination.  I can only afford one, so it should excel in all seasons. I’m in mid-life, so I may as well have a crisis!  Can I have something sporty and fun to drive?  I’ve been spoiled by all wheel drive, so I want it again.  Bam!  Gone are so many choices!  No Mustang or Corvette for me now.  Dang!  Logic suggests that dependability/quality is very important in this investment.  Damn!  It looks like the Charger is out too!  The Hemi V-8 is so fun to drive!  I have a very long torso, so back seats are often too short on head space.  I’d like comfort for four tall people, if possible.  Whoa!  Now more options are disappearing.  Must I sacrifice a sporty ride and settle on an SUV?  Help!