It’s April 4 and it’s a beautiful snowstorm!  This is typically among the warmest spots in the beautiful state of Washington, so the snow is an unexpected pleasure.  I love watching snow fall!  Perhaps that’s partly related to the many wonderful experiences I’ve had while nordic skiing, alpine skiing, sledding and snow-shoeing.  Natural beauty,  as I see snow, seems to show God smiling at us.  Beauty helps me be grateful.  Life itself is a gift beyond description.  Gratitude for life and the amazing joys that it brings enables even greater joy.  Gratitude facilitates an upward spiritual spiral, just as self-centered thinking causes a downward spiritual spiral.  Basic truths cannot be changed; they can be useful.  Today I get to serve my son as he has his wisdom teeth removed and recovers from the procedure.  Thank you Lord for Nicholas and the chance to serve him.  Help me be the best servant I can possibly be.  Help me always seek your will for me and grant me the power to carry it out.  Open my mind to new ways to serve, surrendering my old ideas to better ones.  Help me spread love!