Playing hacky sack is so fun!  It rivets me in the present moment, my senses fully aware.  Tracking the sack is crucial, as is readiness of mind and body.  Hacky sack differs from predictable movement sports, like swinging a golf club or baseball bat, or rolling or throwing or shooting a ball.  It’s akin to being a quarterback in football or a point guard in basketball: read the situation immediately and respond with cat-like quickness.  Practice is crucial, as it: (1) Prepares muscle memory for prompt response to familiar situations. (2) Improves focus, readiness and patience.  Hackysack and golf are two of my favorite games, though I love many, because: (1) Perfection is unattainable & challenge is perpetual. (2) Crucial life skills are developed, such as focus, dedication and humility.  Hacky sack also fosters cooperation. (3) Natural beauty of outdoor, grassy areas. (4) They are sports that can be enjoyed fully at many different stages of life. (5) Each shot or kick varies from most others, requiring creative response. (6) Social bonding.

History of hacky sack:

Basics on how to play: