Where is life headed?  I don’t get to know, so obviously I don’t really need to know.  I’ve spent a fair part of my life thinking I knew what would happen next.  I’ve been wrong a lot!  Experience has taught me that specific expectations about future events are illusions of the mind.  We don’t know what will happen.  That’s what keeps life interesting, exciting and challenging.  What is the meaning or purpose of life?  Perhaps to find an answer to that question?  Maybe it is to continue to learn to love better, more unselfishly.  Love is giving, serving, listening, praying and trusting.  Love is the greatest joy of my life.  Seeing love in others reveals the greatest beauty I’ve ever seen.  I call this seeing God in them.  To me, God is love and love is Godly.  When I act selfishly it drags my spirit into a downward spiral.  When I act unselfishly, it lifts my spirit up.  When I continue with unselfish acts, I experience spiritual freedom.  All is well with the world.  I can more easily tolerate selfishness in others.  I stick to observing the behavior of others and judge them less, focusing on how I can better give to a positive environment where we all can continue to grow.  This life is a process that is sometimes bewildering, joyous, saddening, invigorating, depressing, exciting, challenging, enriching and endearing, to name a few.  What a gift!  It’s taken me many years to actually thank God for the most difficult challenges of my life.  These challenges offer the greatest growth, because they show my utter reliance on God, when no human power can relieve me of my afflictions.  In these moments, God works His most amazing transformations in my spirit.  I become a little less selfish, a little more loving and thereby a little more like His perfect image.  I’ve been blessed with incredible people in my life, people whose smiles glow with amazing images of God.  Thank you for the love you’ve shared with me!  You build my faith by serving as living examples of God’s love.  Love is the mightiest power of all.  Love is everything.  All you need is love.  ( :