Thanks to for the link above.  It speaks to women, but is easily transferable to men.  I believe it advises us to:  (1)  Be prepared by carrying lean protein sources,  nuts,  fruits and vegetables when we travel.  This reduces the likelihood of eating unhealthy convenience or fast foods.  (2)  Eat every few hours, with smaller meals, of course, always including protein.  (3)  Minimize unhealthy fats, like unnecessary butter on an omelet, for instance.  (4)  Eat fewer carbohydrates on days when we don’t work out.

I love feeling good!  Eating right helps me feel great.  It’s a circle of success, because I get more energy for working out, which increases my ability to do more things.  I love the spiral towards better health!  Might we cross paths on our journeys to better versions of ourselves?  Live well!  ( :