Hmmmm.  When I actually ask the question, the answer is obvious.  Whining will help no one.  Shining will at least help me and hopefully others too!  If I’m tired enough, or lost in self-will, I can whine without realizing it.  What a sad way to chase people away!  How to shine?  Thinking about what I can do to make other people’s slice of this world a better place to live.  How can I serve?  Can I help them find their way?  Can I make them laugh?  Can I help them see their God-given potential?  Can we brainstorm together?  Might we enrich each others’ days, even if only with smiles?  I write this today to remind me to make the most of this amazing gift of time alive.  Can this be the best day of my life so far?  How could one possibly measure that?  What if it were my last day on earth?  I’d want to show you all my love, my hopeful spirit, my kind heart, my passion for life and especially my appreciation for you and the incredible gift of this journey we share.  Hey!  I”ve lost the urge to whine!