Age really is a state of mind!  Maybe it’s a state of sore ankles, tight back and slower recovery too…. NO!  That’s my mind trying to trick me again.  I need to rest, I need that giant Costco chocolate muffin….  Ha!  I want to be child-like, not childish.  I want to be adventurous, not fool-hardy.  I prefer to be athletic, but not obsessed.  I remember some cool old adages:  variety is the spice of life, moderation in all things, etc.  A balanced life: the elusive, alluring goal that draws me on.  When I was a young man, I was too lazy to build the strong muscles that now tease me on.  Some days I think I’m making good progress and other days I think I’m losing the battle, physically speaking.  I refuse to surrender, as my belief is that the aspects of health are so inter-related:  physical, emotional, spiritual, mental.  Life has dealt me blows, as it naturally does.  I want to bounce back, better than ever before.  My belief is that God makes all things possible.  He’s done amazing things in my life.  My recovery from the pits of despair and hopelessness fired my faith.  If the value in life is loving others the best I can, then I need to be the best version of me that I can be, to be spiritually capable of such love.  Today I ran 8.5 miles in glorious sunshine!  I tried to serve my kids as best I could today, which strangely led to the start of this blog.  My loving daughter Annie, aka, masterfully pointed out that the worst case scenario is that I’ll have documented part of my life and thoughts for my kids to read.  Cool!  I wonder what tomorrow will bring?